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Redox control of developmental processes in B. subtilis
Jean-Yves F. Dubois,1, Caroline Eschevins,2, Wiep Klaas Smits2, Oscar Kuipers2, Sierd Bron2, Wim J. Quax1, and Jan Maarten van Dijl1,*

: These authors contributed equally to this work.

  1. Department of Pharmaceutical Biology
    University of Groningen
    A. Deusinglaan 1
    9713 AV Groningen
    The Netherlands
  2. Department of Genetics
    University of Groningen
    Kerklaan 30
    9751 NN Haren
    The Netherlands
* : To whom correspondence should be send

In preparation

Trx abstract


Genome data (txt, Genome2D input)

genome.txt (from NCBI)
annotation.txt (from NCBI)
annotationmg.txt (updated for Genome2D @ MolGen)

Sigma-Genosys file (MS Excel)

genosys.xls (B.subtilis Array Information version 1.9.xls)

Raw TIFF files (Readout of phosphorscreens)

1A.tif (168, first isolation)
2A.tif (Trx25, first isolation)
3A.tif (Trx100, first isolation)
1B.tif (168, second isolation)
2B.tif (Trx25, second isolation)
3B.tif (Trx100, third isolation)
1C.tif (168, third isolation)
2C.tif (Trx25, second isolation)
3C.tif (Trx100, third isolation)

Normalised data (Txt, CyberT input)

trx25.txt 168 versus Trx25
trx100.txt 168 versus Trx100

Analysed data (MS Excel, CyberT output)

trx25results.xls 168 versus Trx25
trx100results.xls 168 versus Trx100

Analysed data (MS Excel, Significant genes)


Analysed data (txt, Genesis input)



Genome maps (PDF, Genome2D output)

trx25.pdf Significant changes in gene-expression in Trx25
trx100.pdf Significant changes in gene-expression in Trx100
comparison.pdf Comparison of genes affected in both mutants
legenda.pdf Legenda for the Genemaps

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